The Cheap Inkjet Printer Scam

Just like when looking for roof replacement prices, you should always shop around when your printer is out of ink.  Savings of nearly 50% can be found if you just do a little bit of research and look around.

If you’re a small business or home based business that uses a lot of ink and has a big need for printers, inkjet cartridges and supplies then you’ve probably fallen victim to what I call the “The Cheap Inkjet Printer Scam” .

Have no fear, I’m here to help you understand exactly their ploy and I’ll add some helpful tips in saving money and not falling victim to this scam created by the industry.


Many inkjet printing manufacturers will drastically discount the price of their printers to attract new buyers.  A $29 inkjet printer is pretty attractive when you’re looking through the Best Buy ads or shopping your local office supply house.

I can say that I fell victim to this myself many years ago.  What I can tell you is don’t be fooled by the low price.  These are often really cheap and basic printers that wind up not lasting long enough to justify the cheap price.

So a few ago i was shopping for a new printer.  I bought an old Lexmark printer for that astounding sub $30 dollar price.  I got it home and unpacked it only to find that they didn’t even have the common courtesy to include a color cartridge.  The black in cartridge was just a demo at that and barely had enough ink in it to print off the first job I had sent over from my home computer.

Next thing i knew i was out buying ink cartridges for the printer at a highly inflated price.  Like almost $60!  I nearly croaked!  It was then I went home and packed up the newly purchased printer and returned it to the store.

My suggestion to anyone looking for a good printer is to do your research online.  How many truly good reviews does the printer have?  What are your basic printing needs?  Are you looking to print photos?  Do you need scanning and faxing capabilities?  Most people don’t need many of these higher tech functions but most of your run of the mill printers these days come packaged as “All In One” printers.

Search out the cost of the replacement cartridges.  Many of them can be found on places like for a much cheaper price than your local retail store such as Staples, Office Depot, or Best Buy.

Be sure you stock up on your ink long before you actually need it.  Cartridges come packaged in a way that preserves the ink until it is needed.  Don’t wait and get yourself in a bind where you have to go and pay two and half or even three times the price the same item could have been delivered to your door from Amazon.