The Best Home Printer for the Money

Finding a good, cheap printer for your in home needs isn’t always as easy as it should be.  There are so many choices today that the average consumer can easily become overwhelmed with the displays.

It’s knowing what to look for and product review that I find most helpful in choosing the best home printer for my needs.  What you really have to boil it all down to are what are my costs to print per page?

At under 2¢ per page, the HP Officejet Pro 8100 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer is my favorite choice in its class.  Actually the printing costs per page are more in the 1.5¢ per page range.  A value that not many printers can give you.

But features in each one can really make things confusing.  Some have fax, scan, copy as well as printing capabilities.  What you have to decide is of this is what your family really needs in a an in home printer.

I find myself doing most of my personal faxing from my iPhone via an app.  I don’t have to have a dedicated fax line and my faxes are quite a bit clearer than traditional fax machines.  I just don’t really need anything more than that from the house.


Reliability in a printer is an issue as well.  Several of the ones I’ll point out are good printers and at a  good price.  And when i say good, reliable is what I really mean.


Honestly nearly any Epson or HP printer you find in your local retail store will be relabel and about as good of a price as you’ll find anywhere else.  But there are other ways you can assure that you’re spending as little as possible per page when using your home based inkjet printer.

First things first and that is to buy ink from a third party.  Don’t fall prey to the retail store prices.  Buy from a reseller of ink or a place like Amazon usually has much better prices than your beloved local Walmart store.

Also be sure to print in “draft mode”.  This mode uses less ink and is fine for when you’re not printing for a college dissertation project.  The inking will be slightly lighter and possibly a little less legible.  The savings on ink will really add up over time though.  So anytime you can print in this mode your savings are even greater.


Purchase a printer that accepts high yield ink cartridges.  Your cost per page will increase even more if your printer has the capabilities to accept these types of cartridges.  High yield ink cartridges generally are about 20-25% more expensive than regular ink cartridges but they tend to print double the amount of pages.  You’re looking at another 30% savings with a high yield ink cartridge.

Also don’t buy the bologna and replace your ink cartridge as soon as you get notification from the machine that you’re “almost out of ink”.  Many time printing manufacturers have been guilty of alerting consumers far too early to change their ink cartridge.  Some when they aren’t even half empty yet.

What I normally do is pull the cartridge out and give it a gentle tap or two.  Gently forcing any ink that may be clinging to the inner walls and helping it to ooze down into the area that meets the printer’s parts.

Just remember that these companies make a lot of money on selling ink.  The profit margins are a nice chunk of change and they are trying their best to get you to use up as many cartridges a year as possible.

Use these tips above to maximize your printers life and the longevity of every ink cartridge you buy.