The Best Home Printer for the Money

Finding a good, cheap printer for your in home needs isn’t always as easy as it should be.  There are so many choices today that the average consumer can easily become overwhelmed with the displays.

It’s knowing what to look for and product review that I find most helpful in choosing the best home printer for my needs.  What you really have to boil it all down to are what are my costs to print per page?

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The Cheap Inkjet Printer Scam

Just like when looking for roof replacement prices, you should always shop around when your printer is out of ink.  Savings of nearly 50% can be found if you just do a little bit of research and look around.

If you’re a small business or home based business that uses a lot of ink and has a big need for printers, inkjet cartridges and supplies then you’ve probably fallen victim to what I call the “The Cheap Inkjet Printer Scam” .

Have no fear, I’m here to help you understand exactly their ploy and I’ll add some helpful tips in saving money and not falling victim to this scam created by the industry.


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