The Xerox D125 Copier/Printer


Xerox_LogoThe Xerox family of copiers and printers is one of the most treasured and revered on the market today. With years of quality products under their belt, as well as reliable customer service, it’s easy to assume that Xerox should be your first and most-trusted choice when purchasing a new or used copier/printer. However, as with all great brand names, some of their products fall a little bit flat.


Today, we will be taking a look at one of Xerox’s newer copier/printer models, which is none other than the D125. Priced at a cool $100,000, this copier is loaded with unbelievable features, all of which would and should make it a top of the line product. With an incredibly staggering rate speed of up to 125 pages per minute (we’ll abbreviate “pages per minute” to PPM from here on out), a recommended usage of up to seven hundred thousand (700,000) copies per month, and a combination of both monochrome and color printing, this copier/printer was created and intended for the industrial workplace. The D125 comes with 5 whole trays for loading paper, which can hold a massive 4300 sheets of paper between the 5 of them. It can even hold over 8000 sheets at one time! There isn’t much more that you could ask for in terms of loaded features for a copier or printer.

As I said before, sometimes a purchase just doesn’t work out the way that you expect it to. It seems that, despite the impressive array of features built into this behemoth of a machine, the D125 just hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. One user has reported issues as specific as trying to print four pieces of paper on multiple occasions and the printer getting jammed on the third. This proves extremely problematic for the day-to-day company who may be looking to print or copy mass quantities. You run the risk of taking precious time out of your day, as well as costing the company more than you would if you things were running smoothly. An inactive office is one that just isn’t cutting it. Another user has even gone so far as to call their purchase of the D125 a “wrong decision.” Yikes! This specific user works to create books like personal diaries and notebooks, and has reported the same problems with jamming as previously mentioned. In addition to the jamming issues, they have also had troubles with precision regarding the making of their books, as well as lower image quality than what was reported and advertised by Xerox.

It is safe to say that purchasing the D125 copier could get you into some serious pickles in your business future. Keeping in mind the impressive array of features, coupled against the seemingly tedious issues that plague it, a D125 may be one of your worst options for purchasing a printer/copier.