Refurbished Copiers at A Fraction of The Original Cost

Copiers for Less is an enterprise that offers refurbished copiers at a refurbreduced price – a price that is less than half of the new copier in the market. The company is based in the Salt Lake City, Utah and since 1990, Copiers for Less has been serving its customers by providing them with branded and refurbished copiers and fax equipment at considerably reduced rates. Our excellent service and attention to detail has saved our customers money as these refurbished copiers have a life as long as the new ones.

Copiers for Less has a full range of restored copiers, fax equipment and laser printers from the Samsung and Minolta stables. Our range of copiers starts from as low as $595 and can go upto $6999. The newer versions of the same models, digital and analog, will set you back by three times the cost! Each of our products is capable of handling an array of office functions and they are available with onsite warranties that include parts and labor at no extra cost. The copiers available from Copiers for Less have all been tested and certified for their quality and performance.


If you study the cost analysis of new vs refurbished copiers, you will notice that the latter gives you much better value for money at a smaller capital expenditure. The copiers and other equipment available under the Copiers for Less label also come with dependable service so it is a win-win package for you. At Copiers for Less, we ensure that each of our products are free of any defects. Our technicians are available for servicing as and when you need them.


Besides offering our customers popular brands of copiers on sale, we also offer them an easy leasing system through which they can lease the equipment from us at advantageous rates. While the equipment is on lease, Copiers for Less is completely responsible for its functioning and upkeep. You can call us anytime for servicing and our experienced staff will be at your premises at a mutually agreed, convenient time.


Copiers for Less is dedicated to saving you extra cost, money that can be more effectively utilized in crucial functions. You can contact us through mail or call us for a quote on your specific requirements. You can also check the products on sale by logging on to our website. Write to us with your queries and we will be happy to respond.