Copiers For Less

This webpage served as the homepage of Copier for Less, a Utah based refurbished copier dealer. They offer refurbished copiers at about 30% of the original price. They provide quality photocopiers and fax equipment at affordable prices across Utah and Salt Lake City. Copier for Less can offer photocopiers of renowned brands like Minolta and Samsung at a much lower price. Copier for less can also provide new machine lease rates, and better than new copier warranties.

copiesThe homepage contains a list of available copiers with specifications and price. You can request a quote through a link provided on the homepage and it will take you to another page where you can fill up a request form. There you can specify the features you are looking for in your copier and Copier for Less would get back to you with the copier that fits your requirement.

All of the copiers offered by Copier for Less are fully refurbished and are available at an affordable price. You can get both digital and analog copiers at Copiers for Less. They claim to have a fully dependable sales and service department that can provide rapid call out times during normal business hours. Copier for Less aims to lessen your company operating costs by operating your computers, fax and laser printers. Their sales staff also make affordable leasing arrangements. They also claim to provide prompt customer service.

This actually is an incredible site that gives the valued customer, you, exactly what you need for an affordable price. Leasing is also a big selling point, for many people just want to lease a piece of equipment for various reasons and this company has the latest and most efficient products and services needed.

There are other links on the homepage. You can view the company information from the Company tab. You can also visit the credit application tab to download and print the Equipment Lease Agreement. There is a product tab which lead you to another page where you can view all of the available products that Copier for Less has to offer. The products are all listed with their manufacturer’s name, model number and price.

It is the online catalogue of Copier for Less. If you are looking for the contact information, there is a separate tab for it too. You can get the office address, email and telephone number from there.

The webpage is a purely commercial webpage with the aim to increase customer base and traffic. The main target audience of the webpage was businesses located in Utah or Salt Lake City.